Mughal e Azam Restaurant

We at MUGHAL E AZAM have enthused to rekindle that lavishness and opulence for you to experience an essence of grandeur from the Royal Cuisine of the emperors.

  • Cuisine of Emperors

    Mughal e Azam presents Delicious food, Where chefs Create Magic. Mughlai Cuisine wasn’t exclusively about taste. Large levish platters and presentation was a key element of the emperors cuisine. One can almost sense the exotic and colourful banquets set within the finery of the Mughal palaces.

  • Excellent Service

    We understand that Everyone likes to be feel pampered and special, especially customers who have decided to dine out for the evening. Their evening meal in Mughal e Azam is most likely their way of doing something different or special! Therefore, it is the job of the Mughal e Azam staff to make all customers feel special their own way.

  • Elegant Decor

    Mughal e Azam is a place for art lovers; outside view, parking, entrance, reception, waiting lounge, dining halls, rest rooms, walls, roofs or kitchen. Our expert designers have made each and every part of Mughal e Azam a piece of art with elegant decor.

Latest News

2nd Jun 2016Ramadan Special Iftaari Buffet on offer
Ramadan Special Iftaari Buffet on offer
2nd June 2016
Ramadan Special Iftaari Buffet on offer

Ramadan Special Iftaari Buffet on offer is just £13.99 per head. Normal service and fine dining of the restaurant resumes.

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7th Feb 2014Valentines Day SET MENU
Valentines Day  SET MENU
7th February 2014
Valentines Day SET MENU


Mughal-e-Azam Valentines Day 2014 Set Menu

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31st Dec 2013Happy New Year
Happy New Year
31st December 2013
Happy New Year

Team Mughal e Azam wish you a Ver Happy New Year - 2014

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Our Restaurant

Mughlai Cuisine comes from the royal kitchens of the ancient Mughal aristocracy. It has its basis in the kitchens of the Mughal emperors. The dishes are very rich in texture and flavour due to the dry fruits, butter and other highly aromatic assortment of ingredients used. Mughaleazam Banqueting Suits are also lavish and elegant part of the empire, and available for your weddings, parties and functions.

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